I have a page which has datagrid on it, and the datagrid is populated automaticly from access database so I don't have anything defined manually, except for the edit column. What i would need to do, is to make an empty editable row on the bottom of the datagrid, so that i could input values for that new row and save the result to access database. Is this even possible to add that kind of row there? Also another thing i would need to do, is to add column with dropdownlist's after every "normal" column. Is this possible with automaticly generated datagrid, or would it require manual column manipulation?

Okay I did some research on the web and found this page (for someone else struggling with the same problem):
I'll look into it and see if it helps me. There are 2 problems though:
I use access database, and C#.NET. And that article is about SQL server and VB.NET. If anyone can find similiar article with C#, let me know :)