Hi, Yesterday I downloadet and installed wamp, it worked quite fine most of it.
I could put it on Offline and online mode if I wanted to, but when I tested my php page on the localhost by typing http://localhost/index.php in the adress bar it would get directed to wamp's homepage, and not to the page I had just created.

But then when I tested the page today after the computer have been off by typing http://localhost/index.php again I just get a blank white page with nothing on it.
however when I rightclick on the file I wanna show and click preview in firefox, it shows me the right page but with the pathto the folder in the adressebar.

Does someone please know what the problem can be?
is the path to localhost wrong and how do I find it or what?

and if I try to put the wampserver to online mode, I can't I just get an error that says:

could not execute
menu item (internal error)
[exception]could not perform service action:
the service has not been started.

it will be a big help if someone could please help me with these problems, I don't know if by solving one problem if the other problem will also be solved?

Hope hope you understand what I meen :-)

and hope to hear from you soon.

- Kischi

Hi, thank you for your answer, but it didn't really help me.

I tried uninstalling wamp and installing it again, I even moved the folder to a different directory, to the www folder in the wamp folder.
and it worked, but then I restarted the computer, to see if it would work after I restart ir, and it didn't now I'm back to where I was before, just a blank white page and I can't switch between online and offline mode.

do you now know what the problem can be? :-)

- Kischi

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So the problem coming after you restarted your computer. you are going to check your files in a local system, then why do you toggle online/offline mode, keep it in online mode.

Check the control panel of wamp, it is in your system tray and check whether all the things are running properly. then once again test it.

Yeah it started in offline mode, so I wanted to put it in online mode, but I couldn't.

But now I actually found out what the problem was, Skype started when windows start. and apperantly skype is also using port 80 like the wampserver, so it couldn't work at the same time. so I shut skype down and then it worked. and then I put it to online mode and put skype on again, and now it seems to be working with skype also.

But thanks alot for your help :-)

- Kischi

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Greatly spotted! Mark the post as solved If I partially helped!!!

hmm yeah sure I wan't to, but where do I mark it as solved actually?

ah found it hehe :-) thx

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Now you learned a new thing in daniweb! how to mark as resolved! I really appreciated.

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