I am an ASP.NET developer. I dont know how to use the jquery in ASP.NET. I am using JavaScript and Ajax. But i any one please tell me, what is difference between JavaScript and Jqurey and how i can use it in .NET environment.


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Howmanny times do I need to post this on DaniWeb:

AJAX is a set of functions of the language JavaScript

jQuery is a set of functions written in JavaScript, it might be considerate as a library for JavaScript but is not build-in and needs to be included using the script tag. More information: http://jquery.com/

JavaScript is a browser language.


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JavaScript is a programming language

Ajax is shorthand for "Using JavaScript to send or receive information to/from a webserver without leaving the current page"

jQuery is a library of functions (written in JavaScript) that perform some commonly desired things so that author's don't need to reinvent some common wheels.

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