$result = mysql_query("
SELECT q.*, IF(v.id,1,0) AS voted
FROM quotes AS q
LEFT JOIN quotes_votes AS v 
ON 	q.id = v.qid
	AND v.ip =".$ip."
	AND v.date_submit = '".$today."'


	// Looping through all the quotes and generating the list on the right of the page:
	$str.= '<div class="thumb" id="q-'.$i.'">'.substr($row['txt'],0,20).
	'<span class="points">...</span><div class="star-rating" id="rating-'.$i.'">';
	$row['rating'] = round($row['rating']);
		$str.='<input type="radio" name="rate-'.$i.'" value="'.($z+1).'" '.($z+1==$row['rating']?'checked="checked"':'').' disabled="disabled" />';

	// Each quote calls the fillData JS function

This is a Code for Quotation Script where User can Vote for the Quotation and Stuff..
But whenever I run this I encounter this Error:-

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /public_html/index.php on line 31

Please Help! Thank You! :D