Anytime I try to extract the title of an article that has special characters, such as & or ', it's only returning the letters after the special characters.

single quotes are displaying as ' (in xml)
double quotes are displaying as " (in xml)
ampersands are displaying as & (in xml)

These 3 special characters are causing the title to output incorrectly, starting after the last instance of any of those special characters in the title line.
So if I have: This & is "the title" now, only now will output as the title.

I had a suggestion to use htmlspecialchars, but maybe I'm using it incorrectly.

        $newtitle = htmlspecialchars_decode($document_array[$x]->title, ENT_QUOTES);
        echo "\t" . $newtitle . "\n<br/>";
        echo "<b>\t" . $document_array[$x]->title . "</b>\n<br/>";
	$newdate = date('m/j/Y',strtotime($document_array[$x]->date));
	echo "\t" . $newdate . " | " . $document_array[$x]->source . "\n<br/>";
	echo "\t" . $document_array[$x]->ingress . "\n<br/><br/>";

Output of lines 4 and 5 are identical. I've tried htmlspecialchars and htmlspecialchars_decode. Both produce the same results, which is exactly what the title is showing in the XML element:
amp;T June 7th (after htmlspecialchars)
amp;T June 7th (before htmlspecialchars)
<title>Metered Data Plans, Tethering Coming To AT&T June 7th</title> (the xml element)
Metered Data Plans, Tethering Coming To AT&T June 7th (what I'm seeking to output)

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