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1. There is a banner ad at the top of the index page called banner1.jpg. Create a cycling banner ad using the 3 banner ad images supplied on the disk (bannerad1.jpg, bannerad2.jpg and bannerad3.jpg). Add a link to bannerad2 that will take the user to www.example.com and add a link to bannerad3 that will take the user to www.example.org .

2. There are three navigational buttons located on the first page. Each of these has the word up incorporated in their image name. Each image has a corresponding down image with the word down incorporated in the image name. Create a roll over effect and a mouse down effect that will swap the up image with the down image.

PHOTOS.htm page

3. There are three small photos on this page. Each of them has a corresponding big image. Create a script that will open a new window with the exact dimensions of the photo when the user clicks on the image.

4. Make a roll over effect for the back button as you did in step 2.

5. Create a script that will display the time at the bottom of the page after the words, “The Time is:”

CONTACTUS.htm page

6. Create a script that will validate all of the text boxes the user must fill out by ensuring that:
a. the user inputs doesn’t leave any boxes empty
b. the user inputs a valid zip code
c. the user inputs a valid a email address

7. Create a roll over effect for the back button once again

RESORTS.htm page

8. Create a CSS for this page. Have all subheaders be bold and have a space below them of 2 em. Have the text body have a left margin of 3em.

9. Create a roll over effect for the back button again.

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you try, you succeed,all good
you try, you fail, you ask "what is wrong with this attempt I made" and you post your code attempt,
someone will help you fix it, you learn, you succeed all good
we do your homework, you dont learn, not good.
not gonna happen
BossLady writes "we dont do homework"

your problem, and therefore the course being taught, is hopelessly out dated, \'new windows\' are precluded by popupstoppers, current practice is to have larger images open in a layer of, or over, the existing window, positioned in css.
whatever you learn from this garbage course will not be applicable to the real world any time after ~1998/99.

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