Hello Daniweb,

i am having problems with the second button in my rather simple nav. i looked over the code a couple times but i can't seem to figure out why the hover is behaving teh way it is...perhaps someone with fresh eyes can help me out??

my nav:

my css:

Thank You to anyone that tries to help me out-

In the file mystyle.css see the style

.nav-Hotels, .nav-Hotels-click {
		position: absolute;
		top: 72;
		left: 0px;
		width: 125px;
		height: 42px;
		background: url(pix/Nav.png) no-repeat -125px -72px;

Here top is set as
Set the units for the value there.

Hope this solves the issue

wow..Thanks so much! What an easy fix, i can't believe i was ripping by code apart for such a simple mistake..haha thank you

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