I'm having trouble with a Javascript pop up box not appearing on Internet Explorer. I have tested it with IE7 and IE8 with no success. It works on Firefox 3.6.3 and Opera.

On internet explorer this yellow bar appears;

However, once clicked and given temporary permission the page reloads not showing the pop up box and the yellow bar is still present.

I have re-created the situation here;

problem.html is the page I need help on. The correct password is real which redirects you to real.html.

I am open to using new scripts but this line/function is crucial;

location.href= password + ".html";

This problem is for a friend of mine who does design work, his client is having trouble with this.

P.S. I'm frantically hitting F5! I plan to learn this stuff soon after I solve this.

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Have u tried placing the site in the safe sites list, that message is standard from IE.

It seems to me that certain part of your js code is not compatible with IE. Cross-browser coding is not simple but not impossible.

I cannot tell you how to fix it because I do not see your js code. On IE, you don't have Firebug to show you where the error is, but you do have other plugin. Try to install javascript debugger plugin to your IE (if you could find any) and you may find out which function/line that IE does not understand.

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