Hi this is my Form , when User fill form and by mistake he click on back button.
I want when he open it next time all values be there, so he cant type again

<form name="form1" method="post" action="checklogin.php">
					 <input name="myusername" type="text" value="Enter Your Username"onfocus="this.value=''" />
                      <input name="mypassword"  type="password" id="mypassword" />
                       <input type="submit" name="Submit"  value="Login" />

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Can I save whole form in session?
Or I can use Nowdoc to store form?

Is it possible to achieve form preservation like Hotmail and yahoo forms

phpBB-forum has this ability, if it's not browser-based ability. You could dig the method from it's code.

Although, one way is with AJAX: When field content changes, JS sends the content to server for storage. Time interval (or something else) is needed to avoid flooding the server with every single keypress?

Also, you can clean the output (html) from tabs with this:

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