I am php programmer and i want to develop website in Gujrati (Indian Language).

Can any one Help me how i can do this.


Just click the below site...it redirects to developer site you can learn a lot there...Joomla is the best cms content management system,where it supports 63 languages..you can opt your language and modify your contents there..upgrade [SPLIT]: Marathi and Gujarati Language Pack...in joomla ...If u are working on Gujarati language,name the files as such..

For gujrati


i don't want to use CMS. i want to develop it manually, any one have idea about it.

thanks for reply.

So contents should be in that language? Code the strings in the Indian language. Change your keyboard language. Or you mean multilanguage?

Create a php file that contains all your language strings. Name it something like language_xxx.php where language is the 3 char country code.

Then you identify what country you need as output (user preference, location of users ip address etc.) and then read in that language file and anywhere you need a string of text you insert the appropriate variable.

i.e. echo "Hello World!"; would become echo "$szHello"; You can then have tons of language files.

Hello All

create a i18n folder and create my language files by placing the static phrases as arrays, e.g.