Do you guys know of any way to create a presentation on a website WITHOUT showing load bars? Background info: it is about photography website where someone after seeing full size picture could click to view it in a room setting. Right now my developer created a presentation where full size picture zooms out then there is a load bar (hideous) and then the presentation starts. So it looks like it is 2 different parts and I would like to make it into one smooth presentation. Btw: would like if possible avoid flash animation due to recent developments on Apple's side :-(

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The load bar is not a necessary part of the site but from an end user point of view it makes sense. Sometimes in between views (depending on how the site was built as well as the end user's connection) there could be wait times where the user may conclude that the site has crashed/frozen/etc. Load bars can give the user an explanation for what is going on. Load bars can also lend to poor user experience if the perceived load time is too long. It's kind of a case by case thing and you really should be telling your developer why you don't like the bar and they can let you know why they think it is necessary. You could also figure out other designs to indicate the loading is still working.

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