i need a small project on php and mysql

i m beginner in this field can anyone help me out.....


it can be anything like hotel management........


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Small project or Big project, for anything you should have the good knowledge of php syntax and my sql table creations and relations. what your rated?

You can search on Google with some thing like "hotel management project using php"

but i give you advice make your own project don't take ready from net so you realize how the projects developed.


I am a BCA student pLs help me to find a project preferably PHP

I did an Online Auction website for my first PHP project. It took about 8 weeks of hard work.

Depends on how much time you have I guess...

Hey if you are really a beginner , why dont you try a simple cms system or blog system of your own . It will be the best solution.
If you are really a begineer then try this site for cms. its really for begineers.

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