Hi all, I've been asked to do a website for a rural based school. They want an online application for admissions. I have a basic knowledge of webpage design but not advanced enough...here are the following requirements:

Aim: to develop an online application management system.

'front end' users can apply by filling in some sort of dynamic form. they will need to be able to:

- upload any supporting documents
- save application draft. log in and out before deadline and make changes to application.
- be able to view a draft version and download a copy after submission
- automated emailing of updates
- be able to log on after submission and check for any updates on review process. but not be able to change any part of the application.

'back end' users would be the school administraters. they will need to be able to:
- have a log in/out feature to access submitted application.
- have priviliges to review and approve or deny where needed.
- be able to email front end users via online interface.

does anybody have any advice on what software I could use to develop something like this? also any hints on a general design of the system?


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chrishea, thanks, they do have some interesting things. I'm looking at it...does anyone have any more ideas on this?

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