Hi Friends

I want to create a product renewal alert with PHP

I have three field in SQL Table

1. Id
2. product_name
3. order_date
4. expired_date
5. username

Please Help. i want to show the renewal alert before 15 days of expired date

I think that you should try to create some code and if you have a problem making it work then post the code along with some info on what isn't working and what you have done to try to get it to work.

i am new i have no idea about date please help

If Have any tutorial plz help

1) add new field as sendEmailAlert.make a simple php page where you check if difference between expired_date and current date is greater than 15 and sendEmailAlert is zero.

2) if is is greater than 15 then send a email to that username about expiration and make sendEmailAlert field to one.

3) once you have php page ready place that php code in cronjob of server.
Cronjob is a scheduler which will execute your php page by itself in background.
Based on your argument php execution will be repeated that frequently.
e.g. you can specify to run php page daily, or weekly, or monthly based on your requirement.