I want to implement the layout, which have been implemented by a developer on myspace. You can have a look at the panel by visiting this link -> Myspace

I want to implement it in jquery and one more thing, the panel should load after the page has been loaded without the user interaction.

How should i go about implementing the similar layout?


If you are asking about layout you shouldn't use jQuery as JQuery is a framework for Javascript that makes event interactions easier. You would want to use HTML and CSS for the layout and the actions that happen on the page (such as the panel loading after the page load) would be wired up using JQuery or just plain javascript. Now I didn't see anything on your link but something about adding an app to myspace, which I won't do. If you could be more specific with what you have tried so far or a more specific question about how to implement the events or start the layout you want (rather than having me install some app images would be nice) then I can help you more. Since you did specifically ask about loading a panel after the page has loaded I can give you that. Without knowing how you are implementing this "panel" though I can only generalize on some techniques.

   /* this is the function that you will want to grab the event of the dom loaded and 
      ready to be used. You can unhide content that is hidden until the page loads 
      here, you can ajax in content from the server here, you can add content to an 
      iframe here, or anything else you want and it will happen after the page has