hey guys, i have this code in php i don't know if this works but there is no error at all. i am trying to get the value from a database and assign it as the value of the combo box.

echo "<td align=left><font size = '2'><select name='status' id='status' selecteditem='$status'><option>Active</option><option>Resigned</option></select>";

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If you want a specific option to be the selected one, you must add selected="selected" to the option tag, not the select tag. You code would look something like this:

$activeSelected = ($status == 'Active') ? "select='selected'" : '';
$resignedSelected = ($status == 'Resigned') ? "select='selected'" : '';
echo "<td align=left><font size='2'><select name='status' id='status'><option $activeSelected>Active</option><option $resignedSelected>Resigned</option></select>";
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<select name="select">
if($row[0]=='India')$dtext = "selected";
  else $dtext = "";
print("<option $dtext value=\"$row[0]\">$row[0]</option>");
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