Hello friends,
I need to convert 15 million email contacts immediately. I have all the contacts in csv format. But my client needs it in vcard format. I've been searched all over the internet. I couldn't find a converter or script to convert csv file into vcard format.
I found a site that offering this conversion online. But it is not possible to convert all these 15 million online. So can anyone help me. Or tell me is there any product available online.
Or please give me some ideas to convert it immediately. Thanks to everyone who willing to help me. Waiting for your reply

Have you looked at the one on http://dennismueller.org/blog/2009/03/csv-to-vcard-conversion-tool/? You don't have to use it online. He also gives a link from which you can download the source and run it locally. I tried downloading and extracting it. On my Linux platform I had to change the permissions for the folder where I extracted the files to give Other permission to create and delete folders. After doing that it read the sample csv file and created a vcard that looked OK to me. Might be worth trying. It's free.