i'm using C# and database MS Access..i want to do a search by using dropdownlist and view in gridview..can anyone tell me or suggest me any link that can solve my problem..

Let me get this straight.

You want to load up a GridView based on a Dropdownlist right?

Can you show what you have done so far or give me some pseudo code?

i don't know to start from where..can u give me some example..i try to do when i choose in dropdownlist, it will show what i choose..and also i want to count..

Read this

And then add the call on DropDownList Changed Index event.

i didn't understand what are u trying to tell me..can u give another example..

Can you tell me what exactly you didn't understand so I can clarify it to you.


i'm still new in C# and asp.net..but the example u shown to me using SQL database..i'm using MS Access..i just want to have a dropdownlist which when i select from DDL it will show in gridview..did u get what i'm trying to find here?

I understand that.

But what exactly are you having trouble doing. The point of an example is to help you do something. MS Access will work in a very similar way.

Can you show me what you have so far.