how to strat php

PHP is one of scripting language. It is open source Language. PHP code has
been embedded into HTML source document and interpreted by the server.
PHP was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP interpreters are available in both
32bite and 64 bit operating systems.

php stands for php hypext pre-processor. Some time also known as personal home page. php is a scripting language use to process the hypertext languages like html or xhtml. php develop in C.

PHP is server side so it can generate dynamic pages. Users can write content for you. PHP provides a very interactive web site or web application. It allows your users to interact with you and produce dynamic content.It is easy to learn than other languages to achieve similar functionality. PHP does not require knowledge of programming languages most efficiently encoding. PHP is a syntax that is easy to analyze and human-friendly.

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