I am working on a search function on RoR that basically just has a cool visual effect when a user clicks the search button.

Here is the code in my view for search.rhtml

    <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
        <%= form_remote_tag :url =>{ :action => :search_results }, :update => "results"  %>

                        <legend>Tutor Search.</legend>
                        <label for="searchItField">Keyword Search.</label>

                        <input class="tfield" type="text" value="FIND YOUR TUTOR HERE" name="searchItField" id="searchItField" />
                        <span id="Submit_search">

                            <span id="Submit_search_hover"><input type="submit" id="Submit" value="Search" /></span>


    <div id="results">


Here is the search_results.rhtml which is what gets displayed in the results div in search.rhtml

<% for tutors in @tutors %>
        <%= tutors.first_name %> <br/>
    <% end %>

And finally here is my controller and actions.

class TutorsController < ApplicationController

  def search

  def search_results
     @tutors = Tutors.find_by_sql('SELECT * FROM tutors')


MY QUESTION IS. How do I create an effect on my ajax request? Which updates on the <div id="results"> . I am using jrails. Baiscally, I want to create this effect. http://keyonary.com/#/paste