OK, here's my last problem for this project I am working on. This may seem very simple to most of you, but I cannot figure it out. I have a simple confirmation page that reads something like:

You have successfully created your event, the link for people to signup for the event is: default.aspx?eventAuid=(here I need to write the querystring parameter from the link) and make that part a hyperlink so that it can be clicked on. I do not know how to do this. So I do not know how to write the query string to the page.

I tried using:


but that did not work. Furthermore I do not know how to show it on the page.

Please help. Thank you

If I recall from your earlier threads you were writing this with C#/ASP.Net code-behind yes?

If that's the case you can actually (through the use of <asp:hyperlink...>) set your URL dynamically from the code-behind instead of trying to set it dynamically on the front end.

With an ASP Hyperlink on the front-end you can code in the back-end whatever URL you need based on criteria determined prior to page-load (or from selections made within other ASP components within the page).

Basically what you end up with is something like this.

Hope this helps :) Please remember to mark your thread solved once the issue is resolved.

HyperLink1.NavigateURL = "Default.aspx?eventAuid="+Request.QueryString["eventAuid"].ToString();

i think you are loking for this..try this

Can I make the text that displays on the page equal to that to?


Its very complicate question.I will give you syntax for Response.Write/Hyperlink/QueryString.You can refer it .


foreach( string s in Request.QueryString)

Otherwise you can refer the following link to get more details.