I'm having issues with my Boonex 7 community

the error im getting is..

PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/langs/lang-en.php:1) in /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/inc/classes/BxDolSession.php on line 61

PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/langs/lang-en.php:1) in /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/inc/design.inc.php on line 133

i read some past forums here online and i don't see any white extra spaces in the begging or the end after the opening of the php tag as other forums mentioned.

this is my story if you wish to read further...
i edited my \web\content\langs\lang-en.php

i noticed that this software program wont let you say something like.. it's it has to be it\'s

so not knowing this, i saved the file after writing in the privacy statement area i wrote... i then uploaded it.. and then when viewing my website by clicking refresh, all i got was a white full screen on my website... so reverting back thinking.. what the h.. i then figured it out what else to try.. i fixed the typo.. it's to it\'s then saved it.. uploaded it..and the website is now active again...

the problem is... im unable to logged into my website now as admin or user Or the admin area on top of that.

it goes thru the process ( likes it working) or it would simply just tell me right off the bat i used the wrong user name or pass wrd.. well anyways, it puts me back to the sign in page again (thinking im logged in it worked.. (admin area) or if on the website it'll say im logged in with a yellow dot.. but in the top right corner it'll say login...

so i cleared both cache folders and im still not able to log in.

if someone here is familure with Boonex 7.02, this would be a great bonus.


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are you using sessions? if so try adding the following right below your session_Start();


not sure.. sorta new to this script. the error logs says that line what ever.. but i never changed those.. just the lang.
[01-Aug-2010 10:10:17] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/langs/lang-en.php:1) in /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/inc/design.inc.php on line 133

but i never touched the design.inc... just the lang-en.php but i dont see any whirte spaces after the beginning.. php? start or end.. of the file.

nope, i added the top and lower codes as it suggested to 1 page and the site crashed with all letters in the background & white screen. im going to have to wait till my coder gets back... thanks allot though :)

Are you using any re-directs?
such as:
header("Location: index.php");
the mesage is what it means.
you can only specify one header.
== a header is the file type and location,
== an image might be "image/jpeg" header

this might help while you look through your code :)

i think the headers already sent error is usually caused by having white space before or after the opening and closing PHP tags (<?php . . . ?>).
and you type top of page
<?php ob_start(); ?>

that is the most common cause. but as stated there is multiple causes.
otherwise it would say. there is white spac before your php tags.
we would have to see the code to see the error

yes as metalix suggested we cant do anything if you dont post the code.post the code using code tags.

this is only 1 of few lines shown.

from error log file......
[02-Aug-2010 06:38:15] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/langs/lang-en.php:1) in /mnt/Target01/326394/463756/www.handycappedsingles.us/web/content/inc/classes/BxDolSession.php on line 61

*                            Dolphin Smart Community Builder
*                              -------------------
*     begin                : Mon Mar 23 2006
*     copyright            : (C) 2007 BoonEx Group
*     website              : http://www.boonex.com
* This file is part of Dolphin - Smart Community Builder
* Dolphin is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
* the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
* License, or  any later version.
* Dolphin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
* without even the implied warranty of  MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
* See the GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with Dolphin,
* see license.txt file; if not, write to marketing@boonex.com


define('BX_DOL_SESSION_LIFETIME', 3600);
define('BX_DOL_SESSION_COOKIE', 'memberSession');

class BxDolSession extends BxDolMistake {
	var $oDb;
	var $sId;
	var $iUserId;
	var $aData;

	private function BxDolSession() {

		$this->oDb = new BxDolSessionQuery();
		$this->sId = '';
		$this->iUserId = 0;
		$this->aData = array();

	function getInstance() {
	    	$GLOBALS['bxDolClasses']['BxDolSession'] = new BxDolSession();


		return $GLOBALS['bxDolClasses']['BxDolSession'];

	function start(){
            return true;

		$this->sId = genRndPwd(32, true);

		$aUrl = parse_url($GLOBALS['site']['url']);
	    $sPath = isset($aUrl['path']) && !empty($aUrl['path']) ? $aUrl['path'] : '/';
		setcookie(BX_DOL_SESSION_COOKIE, $this->sId, 0, $sPath, '', false, true);

		return true;

	function destroy() {
		$aUrl = parse_url($GLOBALS['site']['url']);
	    $sPath = isset($aUrl['path']) && !empty($aUrl['path']) ? $aUrl['path'] : '/';
		setcookie(BX_DOL_SESSION_COOKIE, '', time() - 86400, $sPath, '', false, true);


		$this->sId = '';
		$this->iUserId = 0;
		$this->aData = array();

	function exists($sId = '') {
		if(empty($sId) && isset($_COOKIE[BX_DOL_SESSION_COOKIE]))

		$mixedSession = array();
		if(($mixedSession = $this->oDb->exists($sId)) !== false) {
			$this->sId = $mixedSession['id'];
			$this->iUserId = (int)$mixedSession['user_id']; 
			$this->aData = unserialize($mixedSession['data']);
			return true;
			return false;

	function getId() {
		return $this->sId;

	function setValue($sKey, $mixedValue) {

		$this->aData[$sKey] = $mixedValue;

	function unsetValue($sKey) {



	function getValue($sKey) {

		return isset($this->aData[$sKey]) ? $this->aData[$sKey] : false;

	private function save() {
		if($this->iUserId == 0)
			$this->iUserId = getLoggedId();

		$this->oDb->save($this->sId, array(
			'user_id' => $this->iUserId,
			'data' => serialize($this->aData)
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