Is there any way of making an e-mail form using ASP/ASPX?

I am limited in what I can do since I'm not a root administrator on the website this is for. The site uses Contensis as it's content management system so if there is some way of doing it via that without editing the source code that would be appreciated. I have tried the "Contact List Subscriber" option under "E-mail management" but I'm getting a "No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it" message. I can't contact the administrator of the website until next week so I am unable to ask him how to do it.

What I want this form to do is just send details from the form to a specific e-mail address. The current system here requires people to either phone or e-mail the call centre and ask to be put on the waiting list and then the people in the call centre puts it onto the system which is quite inefficient.

If you need more details, just ask.

1.<!--#include file="connection.asp"-->
3.openConn() = request("email")
7.if trim(email) <> "" then
9.sql= "select password from candidate where email = '" & replace(email,"'","''") & "'"
12.set rs = createobject("adodb.recordset") sql,conn
15.if not rs.eof then
16.set msg = createobject("CDO.Message") = email
19.msg.from = ""
20.msg.subject = "123456"
21.' pass for
22.msg.TextBody = "Hello. Your password is " & rs("password")
23.response.Write rs("password")
27.end if
29.end if

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Thank you but I no longer need it. I should have closed the thread so I apologise.