i have a crystal report and now with using crystal report viewver want to display it on page ..

I want to display the crystal report when the page is loaded .. so i have placed a crystal report viewver in the page and wants to put some codes in them ..

Can any one help me what vb.net codes i have to put on the page load for displaying the crystal report ...

thank you

Not being a strong VB.Net user myself best I can do for you is this handy little thing called Google :twisted:

Hope it helps.

hehe thank u for the link actually .. as a matter of fact google helps u often but sometimes it makes things much complicated ... :)

Also anybody can guide me about app settings in web config while we use crystal report viewer

Just hoping ya noticed it's not just a link to Google but to a specific search in google that may be able to help with the settings you'd need :twisted:

:) yes ..it has some tutorials ..may be i will find something there ..