Does anybody know if its possible to have your website run on multiple separate application pools

Some Background
I am looking into start a shopping center style site. I intend to set up
100 folders, each folder on the site will be treated as a separate site.

I would like to have JohnMenswear running in a separate application pool
to GerrysGardeningCenter even though they are both webpages under MyShoppingCentre

Any help gratefully appreciated

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If you're working in ASP.Net that also means you're running in IIS... Which also means you can set up multiple application working directories and all applications running within their specified working directories would (in theory) run in their own app space.

Can't recall where I was reading about the processes for doing this but in theory it should be possible as long as you have access to work with your IIS settings to set up the application working paths correctly.

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