Hi, I have 5 Numeric fields in my from, I am using onkeyup to check for numeric values only, now I have a total field also. I would like to have a sum of the values entered in the 5 fields to be shown automatically on this total field. How to do this, please help.

You need to get the display element by either go through DOM (parentElement.subelementName...) or directly access via the element ID (document.getElementById(elementId)). Then assign/append the value to the display element's value or innerHTML depending on what type of your display element (input/textarea -> value, div/span -> innerHTML). If you still does not know how to do it, please post your code portion.

Below is the code i used to apply conditional formatting to a table i was pulling from a mySQL database. If the value in the cell was bigger or smaller than 200 i would flag it a different background colour. I think you might be able to adapt this for your application!

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
var refreshId = setInterval(function() {

         $("#recent tr:not(:first)").each(function() { 
             var tempresult = $(this).find("td:nth-child(3)").text();
             var setpoint = 200;
             if (tempresult < setpoint){
                 $(this).find("td:nth-child(3)").css("background-color", "#00FF00");
             else if(tempresult > setpoint){
                 $(this).find("td:nth-child(3)").css("background-color", "#FF0000");
				 $(this).find("td:nth-child(3)").css("color", "white");