me and my buddy got some project for our thesis.
our problem is how can we make a Universal Search Page. a search page that can query any table in our database.

there will be 3 inputs.
1. Key Search
2. Search Type(it will be a dropdown list that contains the table headers, something like that)
3. Condition

any help will be greatly appreciated..

thank you very much in advance..

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lets you have three tables in database.
You can manually check in all tables by placing if-else.
you can combine all above 3 inputs and make select query to generate output.

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lets you have three tables in database.
You can manually check in all tables by placing if-else.
you can combine all above 3 inputs and make select query to generate output.

i see..

can you help me with a sample code..
so i have something as a guide.



can you help me with the codes?just a sample code
so that i can use it as a guide..


thanks for the tip...

i've got some codes here and can any check if there is a problem with the codes and can anyone please help me with the code on how can i display the result..

thanks in advance

< ?php
$hostname_logon = "localhost" ;   
$database_logon = "databaseName" ;  
$username_logon = "databaseUser" ;  
$password_logon = "databasePass" ;   
//open database connection
 $connections = mysql_connect($hostname_logon, $username_logon, $password_logon) or die ( "Unabale to connect to the database" );
 //select database
 mysql_select_db($database_logon) or die ( "Unable to select database!" );

//specify how many results to display per page
$limit = 10;

// Get the search variable from URL
  $var = @$_GET['q'] ;
  $s = $_GET['s'] ;
//trim whitespace from the stored variable
  $trimmed = trim($var); 
//separate key-phrases into keywords
  $trimmed_array = explode(" ",$trimmed);

// check for an empty string and display a message.
if ($trimmed == "") {
  $resultmsg =  "<p>Search Error</p><p>Please enter a search...</p>" ;

// check for a search parameter
if (!isset($var)){
  $resultmsg =  "<p>Search Error</p><p>We don't seem to have a search parameter! </p>" ;
// Build SQL Query for each keyword entered
foreach ($trimmed_array as $trimm){
      // EDIT HERE and specify your table and field names for the SQL query
     $query = "SELECT Table1.column1, Table1.column2, Table1.column3, Table1.column4, Table1.column5, Table1.column6, Table1.column7, Table1.column8, Table1.column9, Table1.column10, Table1.column11, Table1.column12,  Table2.column2, Table3.column2, Table4.column2  
         FROM Table1, Table2, Table3, Table4 WHERE Table1.column1 LIKE '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column2 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column3 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column4 LIKE '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column5 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column6 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column7 LIKE '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column8 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column9 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column10 LIKE '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column11 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column12 like '%$trimm%' OR Table1.column13 like '%$trimm%' OR Table2.column2 LIKE '%$trimm%' OR Table3.column2 like '%$trimm%' OR Table4.column2 like '%$trimm%' ((Table1.column1 = Table2.column1) and (Table1.column2 = Table3.column1) and(Table1.column3 = Table4.column1)) ORDER BY $q  DESC" ; 
     // Execute the query to  get number of rows that contain search kewords
     $numresults=mysql_query ($query);
     $row_num_links_main =mysql_num_rows ($numresults);

     // next determine if 's' has been passed to script, if not use 0.
     // 's' is a variable that gets set as we navigate the search result pages.
     if (empty($s)) {

      // now let's get results.
      $query .= " LIMIT $s,$limit" ;
      $numresults = mysql_query ($query) or die ( "Couldn't execute query" );
      $row= mysql_fetch_array ($numresults);

      //store record id of every item that contains the keyword in the array we need to do this to avoid display of duplicate search result.
          $adid_array[] = $row[ 'fieldid' ];
      }while( $row= mysql_fetch_array($numresults));
 } //end foreach

if($row_num_links_main == 0 && $row_set_num == 0){
   $resultmsg = "<p>Search results for: ". $trimmed."</p><p>Sorry, your search returned zero results</p>" ;
   //delete duplicate record id's from the array. To do this we will use array_unique function
   $tmparr = array_unique($adid_array);
   foreach ($tmparr as $v) {
       $newarr[$i] = $v; 

// now you can display the results returned. But first we will display the search form on the top of the page
? >

<form name="search" method="get" action="search.php">
      <input name="q" value=" < ?php echo $q; ? > " type="text">
      <input name="search" value="Search" type="submit">

and one more thing..

could the result should somewhat display like this:

<table cellpadding=5>
    <tr bgcolor=black>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column1 [Table2.column1]</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column2 [Table3.column1]</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column3 [Table4.column1]</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column4</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column5</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column6</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column7</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column8</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column9</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column10</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column11</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column12</b></font></td>
      <td><font color=white><b>Table1.column13</b></font></td></tr>
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