i need help.
i am developing a webpage which is the user is able to log in,log out, register, and change password but my problem is the tutorial that i've seen so far is about mysql.
i am using ms access database and i want to do this stuff using php scripts.. please help me or my boss will fire me up.. please

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thanks for the link but I've tried the script on you're link but the connection is not successful.. Maybe i preferred to use odbc because actually, I set up a dsn and I am able to connect to the database and able to return queries based on the inputs. my problem is i don't know how to create a page that a user can log-in and register like some of the website like facebook. I am really really new to php and don't know how to create scripts.please help..The only database available to use is ms access.. Please help me..


Google is your friend. Seriously. First result.
You will have to adapt it to work with ODBC, but that's not hard.
I sincerely hope you did not accept a job as a PHP programmer without knowing how to program in php, or at least successfully BS your way through it and learn as you go.

When in doubt, Google.

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actually, i know how to program in php but this case is different.. we need to use ms access database and my knowledge is for mysql database.. btw.. thanks for the link..

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