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Ever since my team upgraded to Infragistics NetAdvantage starting with ASP.NET 2010 vol 2 from 2010 vol 1, I've been having nothing but troubles.

Since there is a no backward compatibility between versions of NetAdvantage (2009 vol 1 controls cannot just be left in place if a different part of development is using 2010 vol 1, for example), you either need to get to a common version or have all the previous versions still active and in place (the former is definitely preferred).

That said, I started up a fresh install having removed NetAdvantage ASP.NET 2010 vol 1 from my workstation in prep for installation of 2010 vol 2. 2010 vol 1 worked fine on my workstation and I had previously only opted to install for ASP.NET, skipping over WinForms installation. For the installation of 2010 vol 1, I had to have an administrator role user feed their NT credentials to the setup.exe using "Run As". The installation of 2010 vol 1 went through with no problems.

For completeness, my IDE when I was using NetAdvantage ASP.NET 2010 vol 1 was Visual Studio 2008 Professional. My team has just recently switched up to Visual Studio 2010 Premium.

However, following the same method for the installation of 2010 vol 2 appeared to work, but there were some oddities I noticed (aside from the controls claiming there was no license information in the design view in Visual Studio 2010 Premium). I did some poking around and noticed the following:

-I could not locate a licenses.licx file anywhere in the directory 2010 vol 2 had installed to on my local disk. This shouldn't have been a problem since we're supposed to be using a shared licenses.licx file on a static network location. Access to the licenses.licx file using this method has posed no problems for a coworker.

-Aside from the contents in Program Files/Infragistics/ there is no traceable evidence installation did anything it was supposed to - an entry should have been made under Start for 2010 vol 2.

-The tool you're supposed to use to import the controls to your VS toolbox did not do anything, which suggests something amiss.

-And most vindictive of all, there are no entries under the registry for 2010 vol 2. The old registries for 2010 vol 1's samples and help files still exist but nothing else.

At first I thought this was an issue with getting the assemblies to straighten up and fly right with the licenses.licx present, but it appears the installation itself did not complete successfully.

If there any other developers out there using Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET 2010 vol 2 advice/input would be appreciated. I have already posed this question to their forums dedicated to NetAdvantage ASP.NET, and have heard absolutely nothing back from the dev or the community - it's very encouraging. /sarcasm/

And for those of you who are considering Infragistics for web development, I suggest against it. Their support is not up to par and posting questions to their forums typically do not yield a reply of any sort. Documentation will lead you in circles and accomplish nothing, and Code Samples are severely lacking. Worst of all, if you are working cross team and using Infragistics, both teams need to be using the same version of Infragistics (because the assemblies are rooted on the version number, not the CLR which would have made more sense). This will incur additional development expense to get everyone to a common version.

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