Hi everyone, i am in my third and final year of uni and i was thinking of basing my final year project on online voting/survey, i am not too familiar with the subject i really need ideas on how i can go about designing and building the system. Any help given to me will be most appreciated, thanks.

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At First, on which topic you want voting from your users. Then give display some ideas and clues related to that subject. Provide the users with different options and scales while asking them to vote.

then display the voting in some graphical mode, better if results could be viewd in different grphics/text modes. While displaying the result Display the name of the user also and his/her answer.



Hi Priya
I wanted to base my online voting system on my university's student union elections. What kind of option can i give the users, and do u know any way i can ensure security to prevent vote rigging on the system. Thanks

provide each user with a username , password, if possible encript the passwords. Check for each username whether this user has voted today or not. (if you want to vote them daily) or simply check the datbase and see whether this user has voted or not(for this u can have a bit field named as vote_status in ur db). And then let him/her allow to vote accordingly.

Further you can prevent the users to choose any offensive word as their names. let them fill a form and collect personal information along with their secrets question, which you can identify them more closely.


can u have online voting system project in .net plese forward to my mail
[email removed] for academic

hye..i also do this online voting system for student election in my university which is i have to using asp.net..but i new in this language..plz help me if you have any idea..

So start studying and working on it. That's why you're in school.

If you have an actual question, come back and post it here. Be sure to include what you have done so far and explain what you are having trouble with.

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