Hi friends

I have a small doubt regarding PHP programming. I want to know how to parsr .svg files or .xml files using PHP. Actually i have a bunch of .svg files and i want to know how to read those .svg files using PHP?

Can you please provide me the method of write a small code to implement the above problem

Thanks in Advance

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Thank You Chrishea.

Actually i am doing my Masters project in SDA(Software Developer Assistance) which i need to integrate drupal with java. Drupal is in PHP i need to integrate PHP with Java
For this which one is best?
XML RPC or PHP Java Bridge? Or do u know anyother protocols?

Can You give me a list of those protocols?
And I need to say why I am using XML RPC rather than PHP Java Bridge.
Can you provide some information about XML RPC and PHP Java Bridge?

Thanks in Advance

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