I need help.

Im an new to this one.

I have been into web designing for a long time. Just the designing part...

I'm new to JavaScripts and PHP..

cant hey go together to create a web site that can work with the dynamics of both server sided and client sided scripting?


Of course they can. An example of a website which uses JavaScript and PHP together is Facebook and Friendster.

I need help am new in JavaScript and all that i know is HTML.But i want to Develop Electronic Voting .

This stuff can get complicated. I recently read beginner books on HTML, JavaScript, PHP&MYSQL, and finally AJAX. I read the Head First books as I found they brought it to my level of experience (basically no experience). Now I am at least able to surf around and put snippets of code together.

HTML is full of objects that can be manipulated on the fly with Javascript (client side programming) PHP is your server side language that can interact with MySQL
AJAX is a good bridge between the two, but you can always just use PHP to do the same thing.

I would study PHP & MYSQL first and then branch out.