Just having a few problems with a few of my landing pages and was wondering if anyone knows how to fix them or can help me find a link with the solutions.

1. How do I make the landing pages work in all browsers. For example, my pages work in firefox perfectly but as soon as you open them in chrome they are off by about 2px (this includes all images, tables, etc). If I open it in IE, the page is all over the place (for example the table is at bottom instead of top). Is there a code to fix this or do I have to create a css file for each. If so, what type of code is needed to tell the page to read the css file that is needed depending on which brower is used by the user.

2. I have two landing pages and want to use both to determine which one is better by the amount of people that view it. To determine this I want to have one page open when the user clicks the link and then the next time a user clicks the link the second landing page will open. Basically I want each of the two pages to open up 50 percent of the time. How do I do this.


There is a way in javascript to identify what browser your user is using and may load a different css for it. But that's not a good idea. That's a lot of work and basically it would consume much space in your storage. So what you must do is to try to test your codes in different browsers while doing the development of your site so that you are pretty sure that your codes are standard. Friendster website doesn't use different css file for a particular browser. And I too doesn't use different styles for a particular browser, I make sure that my codes work in all browsers.

- lambing