i know mail function
in php
but when i run that i get an error? regarding smtp or something
someone told me that u need mailserver. where to get that from.also how to configure it.
can u suggest a site with demo. i saw hmailsever but dont know how 2 configure!!!

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Depending on what service your going to be using.. IE yahoo or anything else, there is a setting that needs to be set either in your php.ini or on the page itself. just google the smtp address and port number for the mail provider. sometimes you might have to provide a username and password for authentication.

if you want to run your own mail server, use maildemon. Hope this helps.

I was just wondering. Are you testing your scripts on the server (with internet connection) or just on your machine (localhost perhaps). If its localhost you will get that error until you upload your scripts to the internet. I once encountered that and it worked perfectly once I uploaded everything to the web.

Hope it helps

you have to configure mail in your php.ini. are you using WAMP?

If you have send mail installed php mail() function should work.
Please check send mail path in php.ini file, if it matches actual send mail path.

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