i have this HTML page that contains an image, some text, and a save button. Now what I want is, when i click on the save button, the image on my site, and all the text will be saved as a PDF file. is that possible using PHP?

If you wanted to turn it into a pdf file, you would put it in notepad (Or any other text editor) ClickSave as
Name it name of file.pdf

**name of file as in the name you want your file to be called**

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nono. i want to change it while my code is running. "real time" conversion if possible >.<

Mrph, I only use HTML codding, not know much about php running&code

Just google it, and you probably will have a answer, thats what I do when I dont understand something

well, ive tried google. but nothing there T^T

So can you explain Exactly what you are trying to do?

But what language is it in? It doesn't look like it's in English

The important parts are in PHP. The website is in France but the link I gave you is for the english version.