hi guys,

need some urgent help from you.

i need 2 things to work out, looked around on net and found some scripts but wondered if someone could help point me to a good way of doing this.

i need to be able to mail merge to word/wordpad whatever the default editor is on the end users pc with php , mysql database.

i have a number of contacts in the database and we want to be able to allow the end user to produce word docs or rtf docs which automatically generates the document into their word and starts the mail merge. is this possible or can it be done one the site in anyway?

i know you can export to excel and then do it manually but the end user needs it to generate everything for them with ease.

hope someone can help.

many thanks

another thing that might be a quick one is, how can i create a mailto button on the site which will open the default email prgoram but automatically add the addresses to a bcc rather than the standar to option when you click a mailto on a site?

many thanks

got it working with bcc and body = test, however how can i set the body to come from a form element? say a text area?

<a href="mailto:&bcc=test@domain.com?body=test" />

any suggestions?