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i've one crystal report.

i want the report header as "employee database".

i dont want to right click->insert and goto text object and insert.

i've one aspx page and aspx.cs page also.

now i want the "employee database" header to be printed from .cs file.

i dont want to pass by parameter also..

i.e is there any option in .cs file

something like

ReportDocument myreport = new ReportDocument();

myreport.Load(MapPath("~/" + "emp.rpt"));

myReport.Reportheader="Employee database";

i hope u have understood this.

only thing is from .cs file i want to print the header as employee database.

i dont want by passing parameter also...

please help....

ReportDocumentsasd myreport = new ReportDocument();myreport.Load(MapPath("~/" + "emp.rpt"));