Hello Everyone,

I made a GET form recently.But the problem is that it is highly vulnerable.You can inject your an script as below.

http://mysite.com/processget.phtml?search=<a href="http://google.com">Hacked</a>

I'm able to inject any kind of script into my above URL.I'm actually echoing my GET data using an echo in my BODY,so whenever i enter a malicious script it is being executed in my BODY tag.So now how do i limit this http://mysite.com/processget.phtml?search= to just Number,letters and a few symbols which i want.

For ex.The user should only be able to enter


So can anyof you help me fix this bug.I'm kind of new to PHP,so please explain.

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just check what is being grabbed before you use it and addslashes.....If you want your script to just accept numbers then:

everythings fine

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