I have an IIS7.5 server installed on my laptop. I'm learning C#, XML, XSLT, .NET, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and Microsoft Expression Web.

I am the webmaster on a simple PHP website that I inherited. I figure I ought to learn PHP, but figure I also need to install a PHP add-in to IIS on my laptop. (Someone else hosts the site I inherited for me.)

A basic search comes up with Microsoft Web Platform Installer which leads to a 3rd-party (according to Microsoft) PHP installation from PHP.NET.

Does anyone know if this is the way I should go?
Is this the correct PHP installation?
The install looks straight forward, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

(I hope to eventually get to apache, but will have to put that off, so please don't tell me to install apache - I figure that's probably a different thread!)

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Ok - I used Web Platform Installer 2.0 to install:
Visual Web Developer 2010 Express - cause I wondered about it
URL Rewrite 2.0 - cause it was added without my knowing it (maybe a pre-req)
PHP 5.214 - cause it's the bomb!



When you install apache, you will have to change the port on either IIS or Apache. Both listen on port 80 I think, so that will cause a conflict. I change my Apache server to port 8080 so I could run IIS and Apache at the same time.

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@teedoff - I'm only using IIS on this laptop. I have another one with Ubuntu which I may install apache on, but I get what you mean about port conflicts should I decide to run apache and IIS on the same box. -thanks

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