hey everyone
i have sugested to create a new club in my school called programmers , so they told me that i have to bring a list of the club aims and they xheck if the aims are good or bad then they accept the club or no , so please sugest to me some stuff that can be aims for our club ( programmers club )
thank you

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This is your work - do it yourself. You want to start it - why? What for? Who benefits? What are those benefits? How does the school benefit? What additional skills will the members develop? Do these skills tie in with general curriculum?

Will the club require extra funding? If so, how much?

There are a million questions one could ask, but only YOU can provide the answers, as it is YOUR responsibility to do so.

This is a great idea, I'm glad you want to step out and do something important like this! :)

So, maybe you could use ideas about the education benefits of a Programmers Club. For example, "This will help students learn to think logically", or "This will help students to learn to solve complicated problems in an orderly fashion".

Also, maybe you could point out the benefits for the student's future employment potential. For example, "This will help teach students skills for a job in the Internet industries", or "This will help students learn good business problem-solving skills".

Study hard yourself to learn how programming and computers work, and you'll become a good leader that others can look up too! :)

Let us know how it goes!