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I am using aspx.cs to create a login page. I would like to create a remember me cookie using a checkbox that will help to remember user ID but will also allow it to be destroy if a different user ID wants to log in with the same computer, but i have no idea how to start. Any assistance? Thank you! :cry:
i use with the set of login controls available in ASP.NET

If the computer is going to be used by multiple users, persisting authentication cookie is not a good idea considering security. Your site will has no idea who is physically accessing the computer. It just knows if the cookie is valid or not.
So you should always warn your user about the side-effects of selecting "Remember Me" checkbox.
The only way in your scenario is your user to Logout where you clear the session cookie and then they can re-login as different user.

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Can you give me an advice?

I would set a small info or help link next to Remember Me Checkbox telling user that if they are on a public computer, it is not a good idea to select it.
And secondly ask your user to Logout and sign in as different user id ,if they want.

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