Hello, everyone!

I'm not able to access a WSDL file on a remote machine.

I am using DOSGI and I'm creating a service in a OSGI bundle. My container is Apache Felix. DOSGI takes care of exposing a OSGI service as Web services. DOSGI publishes a WSDL at http://localhost:9595/prototype1Service?WSDL on my machine and I can access it when a browser on my machine.

When I'm publishing the same bundle on another machine with the same configuration (DOSGI, Apache Felix), I can access the WSDL locally on the another machine with the same address: http://localhost:9595/prototype1Service?WSDL. Unfortunately, I can't access the WSDL when I'm trying remotely: http://srv-prj-05.dmi.usherb.ca:9595/prototype1Service?WSDL. Here are the things that I've checked:

-The DNS name is good. Proof: I have an Apache server running on port 8080 on the machine and I can access it with http://srv-prj-05.dmi.usherb.ca.
-I have opened the port 9595 / TCP on the remote machine. The OS of the remote machine is Windows Server 2008.

For your information, Jetty is the Web server started by DOSGI.

Can you give me suggestions to solve my problem: why I can't access http://srv-prj-05.dmi.usherb.ca:9595/prototype1Service?WSDL.


I have found a solution to my problem:

DOSGI requires the IP of the local machine where the OSGI bundle is deployed to make the Web services remotely available.

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