I manage a small website. I went over the logs this morning and found a page reference on the site that should not have been there. It was of the format "/xmlrpc.php". I did a search for the term and found the XMLRPC website.

I didn't understand what was written on the website. It seems to be some new data transfer protocol that enhances the functioning of sites written in PHP. My site is written in PHP but I don't understand how this file could be added to my site without my permission.

Can anyone explain to me what this is all about? Thanks in advance.

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I can go to your site now and attempt to request /Nathaniel10.php and you WILL find a reference to it in your log file. However, that does not mean that I "uploaded" said file to your server. It merely indicates that I "tried" to access a file named "Nathaniel10.php" (regardless of whether it exists or not).

You need to look at the status of the request. If the server returned 404, then it indicates that the server did not found that file and the requestor got a "404 - File not found" error message.


Thanks for the explanation. I was interpreting the logs as accessed pages rather than requested pages.

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