I have some critical sutiuation for sending email.

A. www.othersite.com
B. wwww.oursite.com

Lets say :

A sendig request to B, the B sendback response to A. B site does not open. B site sending values internally using CURL concept in php. But A site still open. Once A getting response from B site, A send back again success status to B site.(B does not open- remaind).

The problem is, When A site send back status success, B side no problem. Everything is Ok. But A does not send any status to B site( may be internet down or other problem).
How can i send email, If B site not getting any stauts?? I assure that you understand.


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Your explanation isn't very clear. You also don't explain why don't want to use Cron. If B knows that it is expecting a response from A, then the next time that B becomes active (whether it is by Cron or by the next request), then it needs to perform a check to see if it is waiting for anything from any previous request (and how long it has been waiting). If the wait is longer than a parameter value that you define, then B would send the email.

If you don't get frequent requests and you don't have access to Cron, you can still trigger a check if you have access to a web page that gets pretty regular hits.

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