Hi Everyone,
Could someone please help?
I'm rewriting our website at present, and am quite ok with HTML and CSS, but am not particularly au fait with Javascript.

Here's the page I'm having a bit of trouble with:


If you look at the long button marked 'Diagnostics', you'll see it has an arrow and initiates a drop-down menu on mouse-over. My problem is that I wish to further subdivide the three items on the sub-menu, ie, Visual to become sub-menued into Dermatoscope and Penlight. In other words, the Visual button initiates another drop-down menu on mouse-over.

Basically, therefore, I'm trying to expand the Javascript to make this happen, but I just don't seem to able to.

I'd be so very grateful for any help anyone can offer.

Many thanks,

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If you are using dreamweaver, you can use the Spry Menu Bar that is provided with the feature that you want.

Thanks, Fobos, but I write purely in code. You're quite correct that I could do this via Dreamweaver, but I'm really after the manual javascript code for it.
I appreciate your answer, though, many thanks.

Well thats what i mean, just use the code that is in the spry and tailor it to what you want. Im sure you knew that anyways about the Spry Menu Bar..lol.

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