Dear all,

I m using a div to show menus on master page .

Div contains the html table whcih has 2 rows showing the main(Parent) menus(Master,Reports).

Each row contains html table with 4 or more rows(tr) which shows their respective sub-menu.

Onmousehover of image I m showing the div.

Onmouseleave of div I m hiding the div i.e when user leaves the div ,div gets hide.

Master menu is at top,below it is Report menu in div.

When i click on Master Menu their submenu get opens which has 10 submenues .

But when i click on Report Menu(Report menu has 4 sub menus) Their submenues are opened & Master Menu if already opened should be closed.

As soon as I click the Report menu it opens its submenu and closes the submenu of master.

The problem is that the div size gets mimimizes(which is correct) and cursor remain out of the div .

and calls the Onmouseleave function for hiding the div

Therefore user cannot see the report submenu.

how should I stop this from happening?

I got one solution i.e To keep the cusror along with its main(Parent) menus ,so how to acheive that


Can any one help me how to move the cursor position in webpage.