Ahm. after my problem about editing and stuff. here's now another problem. i'm updating multiple data on my database i patterned the codes in my previous post and after i've done editing here's what happened:

mysql error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 9 in query : UPDATE studentsnew SET FirstName='', LastName='', Classification='', Year='', a='', b='', c='', d='', e='', f='', g='', h='', i='', j='', k='', l='', m='', n='', o='', p='', q='', r='', s='', t='', u='', v='', w='', x='', y='', z='', aa='', bb='', cc='', dd='', ee='', ff='', gg='', hh='', ii='', jj='', kk='', ll='', mm='', nn='', oo='', pp='', qq='', rr='', ss='', tt='', uu='', vv='', ww='', xx='', yy='', zz='', aaa='', bbb='' WHERE StudId=

what does this mean? i really don't know. please help. my defense is later this day. please anyone?

i'm so sorry. this thread is already solved by me. sorry. how am i suppose to delete this post? omg i'm so sorry. thank you so much.