I embedded my Zen Cart store into my website. I have managed to get it working in IE by using the <OBJECT> tag.
Why should I do this you ask?
My website uses AJAX to load the pages into a div AND my storefront is not in the same folder as my website, therefore CSS, and functions for the store are not found unless I create a relavent link. eg. You will get a error code 500 if you call teh index.php directly into a div in another folder structure.
So, I've created a dirty solution that does the job as follows:
My AJAX website loads a index.html page into a div. This page is in the root of the Zen Cart setup.
The HTML page is responsible for centering the Zen Cart PHP page in a DIV and calls and styles the Zen Cart index.php file from within a <OBJECT> tag.
This Zen Cart embedding works fine in IE8 and IE7(although I have not styled it for IE7 yet), but in any Standards based browser (ff, chrome, safari) nothing.
I am trying to load the cart into a <EMBED> tag in the standard browsers only because I see no other way (based on my www research).

If anyone knows a better way to do this, please help.
My site is http://www.products-and-services.ca
Selecting Our Store will yield teh results discussed.

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I resolved this myself. My embedded Zen Cart is now functioning in IE, FF, Chrome, and safari browsers.

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