I was atteched two file with this poll, I m facing problem when <select> attrib value fetching.
email.txt Originally file(email.jsp),where i was connection with database & taking E-mail Field in to <select> dynamically,But when i redirect to otherpage this <select> attrib that time (request.getAttri(...))// Is taking Null value...
I can't fetch previous page selected combobox value, if Any one having idea about how to get comboBox value in redirected page..pls let me know urgent...
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Hi Gautam,

I checked your email.txt file. You want the email ids to be populated in the drop down box. Easy way is to use LIST command. But this is also fine. You need to do some correction.

	<select name="e_mail" id="e_mail"><%
        <option value="<%=i %>" ><%=i%></option>
catch (Exception ignored)

make some changes in the search user.txt also.

String E_MAIL = request.getParameter("e_mail");
String name = request.getParameter("budget");

Moreover, at the end of resultset, a,b,c,d,e will have the value for the last record only.

Let me know if it solves your issue