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I have my project folder in www\project - for some reason, some of the images don't work and some do. All pictures are in the same path (project root) but some display a red cross and some display perfectly fine. As far as I know - theres no way to "deploy" with wamp so it can load the new images.

Sorry If I don't make sense, I'm new at php...


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Might be there are some leading \'s in your img tags.

src="\images\image.jpg" = \www\images\image.jpg
src="images\image.jpg" = \www\project\images\image.jpg

Also, if by deploy you mean make accessable outside your server. Just click on the Wamp icon in the system tray and click "Put Online"

by default Wamp only allows access from localhost

Hope this helps.

To go to the root folder you can use:


or go to the root and then the map images like:

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Thanks a lot for your responses.

I found the problem. It wasn't a syntax or deployment issue but rather a problem with the images themselves. I don't know much about php or wamp but from what I can tell - one of them have limitations on what images you can use (Size, Bit Depth, etc). I just reduced the image size to < 100KB (It was 600KB+) and changed it to 16 bit and then it worked.

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